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June 11, 2016

Re: Sparta Open a Rousing Success

My Dear Friends.............

Nothing succeeds like success.........and today the First Annual "Spartan Open" Golf Tournament was that.....and much, much more.

A few raindrops could not dampen the spirit of our teams....and our they "hit the links" for the day.

Wonderful play.....a crowded field of teams.....fantastic music.....and great prizes made for a completely satisfying outing.

We must thank our great Spartan Officers......their Ladies.....our Spartan Workers....and everyone who attended for making our inaugural tournament "The Best".

A special thank you also goes to our super Tournament Chairmen, Jason Tonglet and Mike Diodene, who brought the Spartan Open from an idea in their heads, to spectacular fruition.  Hail to Jason and Mike.............

Don't miss next year's Spartan Open....which will be bigger and even better (if that is possible)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(The "My Handicap is My Game" Captain) and the Officers of The Knights of Sparta


May 15, 2016

Re: Fish Fry Simply Fantastic

My Dear Friends.............

It's one of those nights when I just sit back and bask in the success of another Spartan Event............

Our Annual Fish Fry was not only a "sell out", with over 200 in was also an overwhelming success!

Everything was perfect.........and every guest had a great time..........

I thank all of our wonderful Officers, Officers' Ladies, Spartan Workers, and Friends for making today simply fantastic..........

Hail Sparta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(The "Southern Fried" Captain) and the Officers of The Knights of Sparta



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King PaulAndrew Brown and Queen Miss Amanda J. Dutrutch


Maid Miss Barrett Jane Remy Maid Miss Madeline Sarah Barnes Maid Miss Bethany Gail Waddell
Maid Miss Madison Lynn Blanton Maid Miss Michaela Leigh Reese Maid Mrs. Jennifer Michelle Schrtz-Ohrin



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