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Oct 28, 2018

My Dear Friends.........

 Again.......I write you as one very, very proud Captain.

 Our Knights of Sparta Coronation was simply perfect this evening.....and there are a lot of people that thank for our success.

 Our great King and beautiful Queen (Charley Hassinger and Michaela Reese) and their spectacular Court...........Everyone who made the choice to be with us tonight to support our krewe........all of our members who helped out these past days to set up the palatial room......our wonderful Officers and their beautiful Ladies who give so much to our krewe.......and certainly our brilliant Coronation Chairman, Michael Vincent, who puts in countless hours, days, weeks, and months to make everything "perfect" for everyone who attends.

My thank you goes out to everyone involved.  You make me so proud to be a Spartan....................


Hail Sparta...........


(The "Extremely Tired.....but Very Happy" Captain) and the Officers of The Knights of Sparta



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